About Luba Speach Photographer – Denver, Colorado

Luba Speach Photographer - Denver, Colorado

In 2008 I came to San Diego from Ukraine by myself to explore and see the beauty around. In the journey of survival and self discovery, I found out that I was the most passionate about depicting life.

It’s about finding sparkles of light and personality, which make each of us unique, connecting and portraying that true essence to make it timeless.

I have won awards and have been published in both newspapers and magazines, what matters the most though is that I love capturing, loving, and living life.

What’s important for me:

I want you to be you
I want to get to know you
I dislike fake smiles
Photography is a teamwork
I’m honored to be trusted with such a personal service
It’s all about exploration, connection, meaning, presence and love

More about me:

Explorer of places and souls
The owner of the cutest puppy doll in the world
Someone, who strives for growth every day in every way
Free spirit
I like meaningful conversations
I see beauty everywhere
I find this life fascinating

Luba Speach Photographer

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